Jazz Internet Packages 2020 3G/4G

We Talked Here About Jazz Internet Packages. Pakistan Communication of Mobile doing business with jazz. Jazz Pakistani network of Mobile also internet provider service in Pakistan formed by the name of Jazz Mobilink and Warid. Jazz provides a range of services for postpaid and prepaid in different ways. Now Jazz And Warid merged together and became a powerful telecom company in Pakistan.

It’s a head office available in Islamabad. Its CEO’s name is Aamir Ibrahim. Formerly known with the brand name of Jazz. It was founded in 1994. No one network to compete with a jazz company. Therefore jazz called the attractive Pakistani telecom company. Jazz has many sites over the country maybe 12500 + in the Country.

Also, it is providing over 25,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable laid.  Jazz is the biggest mobile telecommunications in Pakistan. It calling the No.1 telecom mobile operator company in Pakistan. These wonderful Jazz packages make jazz very powerful. You can subscribe to jazz’s packages by reading our site article.

Jazz Internet Packages 3G 4G
Jazz Internet Packages 3G 4G

Jazz is the one telecom company who is providing extra mins, volume, etc. Like when you can subscribe to any Bundles, After unsubscribing this bundle from your sim, Then sometimes jazz will provide you Some extra minutes and extra volume, etc. This company called the best seeing it.

You know that jazz internet packages not for worldwide, These packages will work in Pakistan. Because this telecom company is working in Pakistan. When we talk about Jazz net speed, Then jazz is providing the highest speed in the biggest cities of Pakistan. Also, jazz is providing its fast speed in some cities’ villages of Pakistan.

Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz Internet Packages
Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz Internet Packages like Daily, Weekly & Monthly further and valuable details will be explained here. Jazz unlimited internet packages by its customer’s strong demand. Jazz always creates Jazz internet packages by its customers’ demand and according to its users.

These internets packages are the best jazz net packages for every user of Jazz. We are going here to talking about the important and most usable packages for its users.

We will provide you the content table of internet packages like daily, weekly, and monthly. Where you will learn these packages subscription codes, price, and validity info.

Recently we talked about Jazz daily internet packages, Jazz weekly internet packages, and jazz monthly internet packages. If you want to subscribe to net packages from these offers, Then you can check these net packages on our site.

Now, this world is filled with technology. In this world technology is growing up day by day, Like jazz is providing its attractive service by using technology. You know the mobile phone been changed our life. Now we can do anything using the latest smartphone.

We can call our family members with a clear voice by Using a jazz internet service. Also now jazz is calling the truthful internet provider service, Which is working in Pakistan with true way before many years ago. Now jazz has been got 1st position in the world of Pakistan mobile telecom operator.

These packages will give access to use the internet on jazz. These internet packages are offering you Separate MBS for Social media and some are providing to your internet for youtube.

You can do fast browsing by using jazz net packages. These jazz packages of the net are comfortably available with the cheapest list of net packages.

Jazz Net Packages

Here we provided the details of jazz net packages with complete details. If you want to check jazz net packages then completely read this post, Because here will tell you net packages of Jazz. These jazz packages are comfortable for customers of jazz. Packages include daily, weekly & monthly.

Many jazz net packages created by their customer’s big demands. Some jazz net packages valid for 24 hours, Some are valid for 1 week, and Jazz monthly net packages valid for 30 days. If you looking wonderful jazz net package to subscribe to, Then fully read this article.

You can easily subscribe to jazz net packages on the Jazz official website. All jazz net packages are valuable net packages for their users. With passing time jazz is improving its net package with a powerful list. Nowadays jazz has been improved its new service and now providing amazing service of Call, SMS, and the internet.

After doing it jazz has winner the heart of its customers. Jazz net packages include jazz super card family, jazz daily internet packages, jazz monthly net packages, and weekly net packages of jazz added in the list of jazz net packages.

Jazz Internet Packages 2020
Jazz Internet Packages 2020

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Here we going to discussing jazz daily internet packages with complete details, You can find daily net packages details step by step. We will talk on jazz daily net packages (Updated 2020). There are four best jazz daily internet packages in the list of jazz internet packages.

Daily data bundle, Jazz Daily Browser, Sindh offer, Karachi daily hybrid LBC, Jazz Daily social Recursive, and daily SMS WhatsApp package Called jazz daily internet packages.

Daily Social PackagesRs.71 Day Details
Daily SMS + WhatsAppRs.7.21 Day Details
Daily Social RecursiveRs.5.981 Day Details
Daily Peak-Off-PeakRs.241 Day Details
Daily BrowserRs.11.951 Day Details
Internet Hourly ExtremeRs.20.321 Day Details

You can subscribe to any jazz daily net package according to your requirements and needs by reading our post. Jazz daily net packages are the hugest packages for everyone.

Some jazz daily internet packages are providing volume for social media and for the internet, That’s some daily net packages are mixed. If we talk about Ufone daily internet packages’ priceless then Rs. 12 Rupees.

Dial *111# For your balance inquiry by spending Rs. 024 tax

Dear friends if you want to subscribe to any jazz daily bundle, Then you can subscribe to it by its activation code. Also, you can subscribe to it very easily from the Jazz official website. If you want to check these packages subscription codes, Then we provided a table.

Where you can easily find jazz daily packages subscription codes, Unsubscription codes, validity, and price.

Jazz 3 days internet package helps to use the internet with amazing data volume at a cheap rate. You can subscribe jazz 3 days internet package by its official website. You can read here its unsubscription and subscription code of jazz this package from here.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

All jazz weekly internet packages further details will be explained here. We are writing this paragraph on jazz weekly internet package, Like its activation and deactivation codes. Mostly jazz net users are searching for jazz weekly internet packages.

That’s mean they want to activate jazz weekly internet packages, Therefore we are telling jazz weekly internet packages details. That how we can subscribe and use these jazz packages internet on our jazz sim.

Weekly SocialRs.607 Days Details
Weekly Youtube Rs.807 Days Details
Jazz Weekly StreamerRs.957 Days Details
Weekly PremiumRs.1477 Days Details
Weekly MegaRs.2007 Days Details
Weekly Mega Plus Rs.2507 Days Details
Weekly-ExtremeRs.71.77 Days Details
Weekly PlusRs.2107 Days Details

Jazz is providing ten weekly internet packages with a great cost of price and amazing volume. All jazz weekly internet packages prices, subscription codes will be explained here. All jazz weekly internet packages price is less than Rs. 300.

Jazz is also providing a new sim offer, Who valid for 7 days. This weekly offer is best for every jazz new sim user. Peoples are using jazz weekly internet packages for fast downloading and uploading using its fast 4G Speed.

You can easily subscribe to jazz all weekly internet bundles from the jazz official Android App, Here you can see its price and activate method. Here we provided a table of jazz weekly internet packages where you will find the details of jazz weekly internet packages.

Like jazz weekly internet packages subscription codes, price and many details have been explained and available in this article.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

If you come here to learn about jazz monthly packages of the internet, Then you are in the right post about jazz monthly net packages. Here I will be telling you everything about jazz monthly internet packages. If you are users of Jazz sim and want to use the internet for 1 Month that’s mean valid for 30 days.

For this, you need to subscribe to a jazz monthly internet package, Where you will get much volume data helps to use the internet for 1 Month in a comfortable way.

Jazz Monthly BrowserRs.21530 Days Details
Monthly Mega OfferRs.37530 Days Details
Monthly Mega PlusRs.60030 Days Details
Monthly SupremeRs.88530 Days Details
Monthly Extreme Rs.12030 Days Details

There are nine Jazz packages of the internet, Which provide your internet for complete 1 Month. Jazz net packages include jazz monthly browser package, Monthly WhatsApp & SMS, Jazz monthly supreme package, Jazz monthly extreme packages, Jazz monthly mega plus, Jazz super-duper,  jazz super duper plus and jazz monthly mega. It is the offers list of Jazz monthly internet packages.

Dear friends, you can use these Jazz packages on your jazz 3G and 4G sim. You can also subscribe to these packages directly from the jazz official website. If you want to subscribe to any jazz monthly internet bundle. Then visit the jazz website and activate your favorite monthly jazz package on your sim.

Here we provided the table of jazz monthly internet packages, Where you will find the subscription codes and many details of jazz monthly net packages.

Jazz 3 Days Internet Package

In this paragraph, you will find the details about the Jazz 3 days internet package. Jazz 3 Days internet package valid for 24 hours. This is also the best jazz internet package if you want to use the internet on jazz for 3 days.

These packages very duration and price. If you want to do browsing in an unlimited way then you need to activate the jazz 3 days internet package.

3 Day BrowserRs.253 Days Details
3 Day ExtremeRs.183 Days Details

Jazz Internet Packages 4G

Now we are going to talk about jazz 4G sim internet packages. These packages will work on the 4G sim of Jazz. Now jazz has announced 4G internet packages to use the internet with fast speed or without any kind of interruption.

You can easily activate these jazz 4G internet packages from your nearest mobile center. These packages are specially created for jazz 4G sim users, Who want to use the net on jazz with unlimited speed.

Monthly Internet BasicRs.99930 Days Details
Monthly Internet RegularRs.150030 Days Details

Monthly Internet HeavyRs.250030 Days Details
SocialRs.15030 Days Details
Smart Monthly 4G OfferRs.60030 Days Details
Monthly Internet MegaRs.200030 Days Details

Jazz has been announced its Super 4G service also now jazz is planning to announce 5G speed in Pakistan. Therefore jazz 4G internet packages are calling common net packages. Because this is the world of 4G technology. Jazz 4G is the most powerful speed in Pakistan.

You will get this powerful speed after using jazz 4G sim. Before subscribing to any jazz 4G internet bundle, You need to check your jazz sim. That your sim is 3G or 4G. If your own jazz sim is 3G supported.

Then these jazz 4G internet packages will not work on your sim. At this problem, you need to go to any nearest mobile center and convert your 3G sim to jazz 4G sim If you want to use the internet with 4G speed on jazz.

If you are living in the village of Pakistan then you need to need to subscribe to any 4G bundle. Because these packages will work on 4G internet. 4G is not available in mostly village. If you have 4G service of jazz in your area then you can use jazz 4G internet packages.

Jazz internet 4G packages are different from jazz prepaid and postpaid packages, Also these jazz net packages are different from 3G packages of jazz. If you have a jazz officially app then you can easily subscribe to these packages directly. If you want to activate jazz 4G internet packages directly on your number, Then you need to visit the jazz official website. Where you can easily subscribe to any jazz 4G bundle by putting your jazz 4G number.

Jazz internet packages code

Here’s the paragraph we talked about internet packages code. Many peoples are searching for jazz net packages code. You can subscribe to any jazz package by entering code on the sim of jazz. In this post, you can see the activation codes of packages. Tables are provided where you can find a jazz internet Packages code.

Terms & Conditions

  • In the Jazz Packages price include the tax
  • These jazz net packages for all users like 2G, 3G, and 4G
  • The actual your internet speed depends on your area or city
  • Dial *111# To check your jazz sim current balance
  • We will not pay to check status on jazz sim
  • If you crossed your MBS Limit then Rs. 0.30 will be charged on you

Jazz Internet Packages 3G/4G For Prepaid Users

In this special paragraph, we are going to tell you jazz packages for its prepaid users. If you are also prepaid users of jazz and want to subscribe to any prepaid jazz net packages. Then you can easily learn about Jazz net packages (Prepaid). These net packages are valid for jazz prepaid users.

These can subscribe to jazz prepaid users. These packages will not subscribe to jazz postpaid sim. Internet packages of Jazzprepaid are the very heavy packages in the list of internet packages. You can easily select your comfortable jazz prepaid according to your needs by reading this special paragraph of our article. Here you will get many internet data after subscribing to it.

Jazz Postpaid 3G/4G Internet Packages

Jazz postpaid internet offers are providing you unlimited internet. Whether you are a common person, Who wants to connect with the internet every time and or use to the internet for study and educational purposes. Jazz postpaid internet packages are sure to provide you best and very amazing net packages according to your needs.

Monthly Streamer Rs.2507 Days Details
Monthly PremiumRs.5007 Days Details
Monthly SupremeRs.8007 Days Details
Monthly Super OfferRs.12007 Days Details
Monthly Ultimate OfferRs.22007 Days Details


Jazz is the Pakistan telecom company which is providing the Best SMS, Call, and internet service for its users. Jazz is the biggest telecom company in Pakistan. Jazz 4G Helps us use the internet at a very fast speed. Jazz also called the best also internet provider company in Pakistan. Using jazz sim you can use the internet and call with your friends with a clear voice.

You can use jazz internet packages after subscribing. Now you can subscribe to all jazz packages internet directly on the Jazz website simply dial your current number and activate any package very easily. On the website of jazz, you can book your jazz number very easily. There are different jazz internet packages like 3G/4G, Prepaid, and postpaid..

Frequently Asked Questions

how to check jazz MB weekly internet packages?

Ans. There are many users of jazz who are using jazz weekly internet packages. Therefore they want to check the remaining MB Of jazz Jazz weekly bundle. In this paragraph, I explained the methods which help you can easily check your jazz mb weekly internet package. 

To check jazz Mb weekly internet package you need dial *117*3*2# for checking the current status of your internet package’s MB. Also, you can check this status in the jazz World app. This app is the official app of Jazz company.

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How To Unsubscribe All Jazz Packages?

Here we discussed how to unsubscribe all jazz packages. As you everyone is the use of the internet and they also want to unsubscribe all jazz packages. Complete read this paragraph and easily know about it.

  • For this purpose Write ”UNSUB” and send it to 6611 from your jazz sim.
  • The menu will open now select internet offers and unsubscribe easily.

How I Can Check My Remaining MBS For The Jazz Internet Package?

Ans. Jazz remaining MB of all jazz internet package can be check by dialing *2# at end of the activation. Like the weekly mega activation code is *159#. This code helps us to subscribe to weekly mega internet offer. We can check its remaining MB By dialing *159*2#. We added # is replaced by * and *2# in every net package code for check its remaining data.

How I Get Jazz Internet Package?

Ans. The customers of jazz can get jazz internet packages very easily on the official site of jazz and the official android app. Friends if you also get any jazz internet package the visit now jazz.com.pk official website. Because in this jazz official website you can easily get any jazz internet package or subscribe it very easily.

On the official site of jazz, you can get the activation and deactivation codes very easily. These codes help you will subscribe and unsubscribe any jazz net package very easily.

Friends, you can also get any jazz internet package on the official android application of jazz very easily.

Whats Is Jazz NetPackages?

Ans. Jazz net packages are Internet packages of jazz to use the internet on your jazz sim. To use the internet we need to subscribe to any jazz net package on our jazz number. You can subscribe to these jazz packages from its official website or in its official app. You can get jazz net packages activation codes from our site.

Is WhatsApp Free On Jazz?

Ans. Yes! Jazz sometimes provide free WhatsApp for its customers. Jazz is providing officially free WhatsApp offer for a talk with friends, family, and relatives. So read this post completely to know about the jazz free WhatsApp offer. Because here explained all about Is WhatsApp free on Jazz?.

  • You can subscribe to free WhatsApp by dialing *499#
  • How Do I Check My Mega Monthly Subscriptions?

We can check My Mega Monthly Subscription by dialing code on our jazz sim. Here explained the method helps us check our mega monthly subscription details.

  • You Can Subscribe It By Dialing *117*31#
  • You can check This mega monthly subscription details by dialing *117*31#

Jazz Internet Packages Video Tutorial

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