Jazz Monthly Internet Regular

Jazz Monthly Internet Regular discussion will be explained here. You can read about this 4G Data sim net package further details will be explained here. Jazz Monthly Internet Regular available in this list of jazz 4G Data sim packages.

Not mentioned jazz company that this net package can be used only WIFI or dongle device and cannot be used for voice. In this offer, jazz is giving us 60 GB ( 30 GB 1 am to 9 am ) in Rs. 1500. Jazz Monthly Internet Regular valid for just 30 days.

60 GB ( 30 GB 1 am
To 9 Am )
Rs. 1500
30 Days

 Dial *117*73# to subscribe Monthly Internet Regular

Dial *117*73*2# to check remaining MBS of Monthly Internet Regular

Terms & Conditions

  • Jazz Monthly Internet Regular will be auto re-subscribed
  • Monthly Internet Regular also available for data sim
  • Actual speed depends on your mobile phone Rang and on your areas and many other factors
  • To check its remaining MBS in Rs. 06 charges by dialing *117*73*2#


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