Telenor Good Time Offer

Telenor Good Time Offer

If you have a job and you work at day time and you are free on the night and want to use the internet at night time using the telecom sim Telenor then here we provided Telenor good time offer. The offer allows the subscription any time on Telenor Djuice sim.

Telenor Good Time Offer

Using Telenor good time offer you will be able to call a conference with a number of five peoples. This is the best thing Because there are many users who want to do conference calls with their friends and family members. After the expiry, You can easily resubscribe to this offer on your sim of Telenor. Want to use the offer of Telenor multiple times, Then do subscribe to this good time offer and enjoy.

During the subscription of this offer, you can also use Facebook for 2 hours, And it will provide you 250MB for the use of Facebook. 250 used for Facebook after the activation of this offer on your sim. Offer automatic subscription feature is not available, I want to say after expiring it will not renew automatically. This offer allows the 2-hour unlimited calls from Telenor to Telenor sim. Recently We have Talked About Telenor Facebook Flex.

Telenor Good Time Offer
Telenor Good Time Offer
Free Calls
250 Facebook
Unlimited Free Call For 2 Hours


If we talk about the validity of the offer, Then the validity is just 1 day, Because this is the daily offer of Telenor.

How To Subscribe?

To subscribe to this offer you need to dial *345*20# from your Telenor’s sim. The offer is just for 2 hours and it will expire after completing the 2 hours. After the expiry of this offer and easily you can resubscribe on your Telenor’s sim. Check Zong Internet Packages Detail On Our Site.

Some Terms And Conditions

Some peoples did not read the terms and conditions There they remain confused. However, I want to tell you to read the terms and conditions of all packages to understand the main terms and conditions of the package. Here explained the terms and conditions of this offer. Also, read about Jazz Internet Packages

  • The offer allows doing a conference call with five peoples.
  • After the expiration of this offer, It will not be renewed automatically.
  • Also, you will be able to re-subscribe the offer easily.
  • This offer can subscribe to All Djuice and all Telenor customers.

And Also guys you can check out The provided below video for a better understanding.

Frequently ASKED Questions

How Can I Activate Telenor Good Time?

Ans.  How Telenor users can activate Telenor’s good time offer on the sim?. To activate the offer dial *345*20# from Telenor sim. After dialing the code you will receive confirmation code Telenor. So these are final words you can activate to this offer the official website of Telenor. Click here to activate this offer online from Telenor’s website. After clicking on the provided link, You will see the page where you need to enter your number.

After entering your Telenor’s number, You will be able to subscribe to this offer on your provided number on this web page of Telenor. So this is an easy and simple way which helps to you can easily activate Telenor good time offer. Hope you enjoyed the post about the good time offer.

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