Ufone Daily Light Offer & Internet Package 2023

Here you will learn about the full details of Ufone Daily Light Offer. In this special article, you will easily get subscriptions, unsub codes, and many details of the Daily light offer of Ufone company. If you are a Ufone user and you want to subscribe daily light offer on your Ufone sim. Then keep reading this article, because here you will completely learn about the daily light offer.

Ufone Daily Light Offer

Ufone Daily Light Offer

This is a daily internet offer from Ufone. Further details and subscription codes you can find here very easily. Completely reading this article to understand this Ufone daily net offer. Many users of Ufone are subscribing to Ufone’s daily light offer on their sim.

As we know that we all are using the internet. Even it becomes our need. The reason is that we are doing various activities on different platforms. Like some people use Facebook for their entertainment. On the other hand, some people use this platform for business purposes.


If you want to do a small task on the internet, then this package is best for you. Just dial the code and use social platforms like Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube, etc. Furthermore, if you are also finding the best daily internet offer of Ufone, Then subscribe to this offer on your Ufone sim because it is also providing the best volume at a normal rate.

Here given below the table, Provided subscription code, Price and validity.

Ufone daily light offer 40 MB + 500 MB for Social Rs. 10 + Tax 1 Day

Subscription Code

Dial *2256# to Subscribe.

How to Unsubscribe from it?

It will automatically deactivate after 24 hours.

Final Words

On the whole, Ufone Daily Light Offer is one of the best packages for those Ufone users who want to use the internet for a day or for a few hours. If you’re not a Ufone user then you can also find other packages. Visit our website and find the package which will suit you.

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