Ufone Monthly Max Internet Offer 3G/4G 2023

Dear friends today I will be telling you about the Ufone Monthly Max Internet Offer. We will tell you all the details and codes of the Monthly Max Internet Offer to help you can subscribe to this offer on your Ufone sim. It is the best internet for Ufone users who want to use the internet and also mix-use social media. In this offer, Ufone is offering data for the internet and special for social media.

Ufone Monthly Max Internet Offer

Ufone Monthly Max Internet Offer

If you are a user of social media and want to use the internet also social media on your Ufone sim for 1 month. Then you can easily get these features in the Ufone Monthly max offer. Many social media app users are subscribing to this offer on their Ufone sim to use a mix of internet and social media apps. Now a day you know that Mostly people are using social apps and social media.


Therefore Ufone has announced monthly social and internet offer managed in one offer. I will tell you how we can subscribe to this monthly net offer of Ufone. If you want to subscribe to it on your Ufone sim, Then keep reading the subscribing method in this paragraph of our Article.

Ufone Monthly Max Internet Offer helps you can get 10GB + 2 GB For social media this offer. Monthly max price Rs. 1000 Rupees without any charges. You will subscribe to this monthly offer on your Ufone number by Using Rs. 1000.

10 GB+ 2 GB Social Media Data Rs.1000 30 Days

How to Subscribe?

Dial this code *5100# to Subscribe.

Final Words

Ufone Monthly Max Internet Offer is the best offer from Ufone to use the internet and social media on a Ufone sim with fast speed for a complete 1 month. You can also see the Ufone internet packages only My Ufone App, This app will also provide you with some other services of Ufone.

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