Ufone Social Data Buckets & Internet Package 3G/4G 2023

Here we are telling you about Ufone Social Data Buckets. Dear friends if you want to know about this package for your Ufone sim, Then you can check here the details Social Buckets offers. Now Ufone is offering the best social offers to its social app users and other internet users. You can easily use social apps by subscribing to these offers on your Ufone sim card.

Ufone Social Data Buckets

Ufone Social Data Buckets

Ufone managed the social bucket in four offers social daily, Daily chat, and streaming offer. Who wants to subscribe to Ufone Social Data Buckets? Just you have to dial the code and it will be activated. I will be telling you the details of all these social offers step by step.

Social Daily

This is the best offer to use social apps on Ufone sim. Here you can easily get the activation code of social daily. You can easily use social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. In this offer, Ufone is offering you 100 MB for Rs. 5 rupees + tax. This package’s validity is about 1 day. You can use this Ufone Social offer for 1 day. After completing the data that mean 1 day, Social Daily Will unsubscribe automatically from your Ufone sim.

Now you can see the table where you will check the details of a social daily offer like the activation code and other details of this social package.

100 MB Rs.5 + Tax 1 Day

How to Subscribe?

Dial *4422# to Subscribe to Daily Social Offer


Daily Chat Offer

Daily Chat offer is the also best offer to use unlimited WhatsApp on Ufone sim. It helps you can get 10, 000 SMS. If you are also interested to use 10,000 SMS on your Ufone sim, Then subscribe to the Daily chat offer on your Ufone sim. Daily chat offers are valid for 1 day on Ufone.

10, 000 SMS + Unlimited WhatsApp Rs.5 + Tax 1 Day

How to Activate this?

Dial *3465# from Your Ufone To Subscribe Daily Chat Offer

Ufone Streaming Offer

This is the best offer to use youtube with mixed internet. In this offer, Ufone will provide you with 500 MB ( Daily motion + youtube). If you are a user of Youtube, Then Subscribe to Ufone streaming and use youtube without issue on your Ufone sim. Ufone streaming offer created for 1 hour. I will unsubscribe after 1 hour on your Ufone sim.

500 MB (Youtube + daily motion) Rs. 8 + Tax 01 Hour

How to Subscribe?

Simply Dial *78# to subscribe to Ufone Streaming Offer

Social Monthly

This is the biggest Ufone social offer valid for 30 days, It is also called the heavy social offer of Ufone. Social Monthly Offer helps you can easily use 1GB of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. We recommend subscribing to this offer of Ufone If you are a user of Social. Because it is the cheapest offer valid for 30 days with 1GB for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

1 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter Rs.50 + Tax 30 Days

Final Words

I hope that now you’re able to know about Ufone Social Data Buckets. Ufone has created a variety of offers for its users. You can choose according to your requirements and needs. Share your feedback in the comment section.

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